autorizacion de regreso

‘Autorización de regreso’ is a travel document which allows people to travel for a limited time outside the EU. This permit can be obtained in two situations: - The renewal of their student card is in process. - The renewal has been accepted but they have not received their card yet.   According to Order … Continue reading THE “AUTORIZACIÓN DE REGRESO” ARE NOT EXTENDED FOR 6 MONTHS


prorroga seis meses

It has been published today in the Official state gazette (BOE)  that in addition to the residency permits, the residence and work authorizations that have expired during the State of Alarm or during the 90 days prior to the start of the confinement (March 14, 2020) will be automatically extended for 6 months from the … Continue reading AUTOMATIC EXTENSION OF RESIDENCY PERMITS FOR 6 MONTHS AFTER THE STATE OF ALARM:


Study spanish

Students who have done their undergraduate or master's in Spain in English can apply for a student visa, to extend their stay and learn Spanish.   How to do so? You can choose between two options: - Extend your student visa as a regular Renewal - Get a new student visa, applying at least 30 days before your … Continue reading LEARN SPANISH AFTER YOUR STUDIES


government promotes internationalization

On the 12th of March five ministries of the Spanish government, among them, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education signed an Agreement in which they will encourage the internationalization of universities.  Through this agreement between the different Ministries, the government promotes better cooperation between universities and institutions to enforce communication between them in order … Continue reading AGREEMENT TO FACILITATE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ARRIVAL


show the link on the application website

Barcelona Foreign office has introduced a new system to apply for a student visa online. The process has been simplified and now contact with the foreign office is faster and smoother. Documents will be uploaded online and communications will be done by email.  The new student, once she/he is in Spain will be able to submit the documents on-line, avoiding queues and bureaucratic obstacles. … Continue reading STUDENT VISA – ONLINE APPLICATION

2019 instructions for Travel Permit “Autorización de Regreso”

If you are a non european citizen planning to travel in Xmas outside the EU zone, and you haven’t received your TIE card yet, or you are still awaiting for your renewal to be accepted, you should not leave the country without a travel permit called “autorización de regreso”. In order to get it, you … Continue reading 2019 instructions for Travel Permit “Autorización de Regreso”

Entry Declaration

One of the essential pre-requisites to apply for a student VISA in Spain is to show the date of entry into the country. There are two ways to do this: 1. If you have entered through a Spanish Airport, the Immigration stamp on your passport is sufficient. 2. If you have entered through any other country … Continue reading Entry Declaration

Submission of applications

In general, the authorizations can be presented through the following channels: 1. online using the digital certificate. 2. through the post office. 3. through the ORVE system. 4. in person We suggest to use the first and second option, and not to present the applications in person because the offices of are mere submission centers, … Continue reading Submission of applications

Mobility within the EU.

EU regulations have made it easy to move within the EU, especially for students coming from a non-EU country with a valid residence permit to study in Europe. Those students who are under a EU mobility program or inter university program are entitled to travel to a second EU country for a maximum of 360 days. The requirements are as … Continue reading Mobility within the EU.

TIE appointment – Cita huellas

Once you enter in Spain you need to make an appointment at the police station of your city, that is called “cita de huellas”. There they will give you a provisory NIE that will be exchanged in 40 days for your NIE card The appointment shall be done through the website of the immigration office, … Continue reading TIE appointment – Cita huellas