Once you enter in Spain you need to make an appointment at the police station of your city, that is called “cita de huellas”. There they will give you a provisory NIE that will be exchanged in 40 days for your NIE card

The appointment shall be done through the website of the immigration office, completing the following steps.

  • www.seat.mpr.gob.es
  • Extranjería
  • Cita previa de extranjería
  • Acceder al procedimiento
  • Provincias disponibles: Barcelona
  • Cita Huellas

The required  document to get the NIE card are the following:

  • Form EX17 form
  • Passport (original)
  • Passport copy of picture page, visa page and entry stamp page
  • 1 passport picture
  • Police appointment
  • Domicile certificate (in case you have changed last year)
  • Tax fee  number 790 (012)


You can renew your student TIE when you are going to continue with your studies or when you are doing superior studies which are related to the ones you were previously doing.

The requirements to extend your TIE will be:

First: To be enrolled on a 60 credits program.
Second: To show you have good results on the last year program.

You can renew your TIE until 2 months prior and until 3 months after the date of expiration.  That gives you 150 days to do it.

Note that there is no need to get an appointment to apply for the extension of the TIE.  Once you have the Resolution you will  then have to do make a appointment at a police station to get your physical card (TIE). That is call Cita de Huellas.

Foreign language documents must be translated into Spanish by an official sworn translator. Please check the Ministry list of translators in 2019.

We can submit the extension application for you, if you want more information contact us.

If you want to read more on what is the application process and the documents required follow the links.


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