A: If you are here for a month you don’t need to get a residence card. Residence card is issued only when the student stay is longer than 6 months.

A: You can apply 60 days before your NIE expires and 90 days after the date of expiration of your NIE. It means you have 150 days to apply for an extension. There is only one extension that must be done before your NIE expires: when you apply for a new visa of different studies. This extension must be done 30 days before your NIE expires.

A: Appointments are limited, during September and October it is usually difficult to get an appointment.

A: UK does not belong to the Schengen territory which means that if you have to go there you must apply for a visa at the UK Consulate in Barcelona.

A:There are different ways to extend your NIE, you can apply for working permit if you lived in Spain for at least three years, you can also apply for a new student visa if you change your studies, you can also apply for an internship permit and for a working or a job permit.

A: There are faster ways. If you submit the documents physically, it always takes longer to be solved.

These are the three faster ways:

ORVE – which is a post office system.

DIGITAL CERTIFICATE – through the platform https://rec.redsara.es

Professionals can submit applications using their own digital certificate. If you want more info regarding this, contact us.

A: You shall get a travel permit if you want to fly, for that you have to make an appointment with the police first.

A: Yes, you can bring your family. The process for students to bring their family to Spain will be started at the country of origin.

A: Yes, the consulate requires you to show you don’t have any infectious disease under the 2005 International health regulation.

A: You can check the status of your application by calling on the number: 935201410 or sending an email to this address: infoext.barcelona@correo.gob.es

A: You have to pay the following Tax – 790-052 option: “Prórroga de la autorización de estancia por estudios, movilidad de alumnos, prácticas no laborales o servicios de voluntariado (titular principal y sus familiares)”

A: You have to pay 790-012 option: “TIE que documenta la primera concision de a autorización de residencia temporal, de estancia o para trabajadores transfronterizos”

A: The resolution to obtain the renewal might take around 2 weeks, however the administration has three months to answer to the application.

A: The insurance policy starts from the date that indicate the contract, it´s important to know that it is necessary an insurance since the moment you enter in Spain even it is demanded by the consulates to apply for the visa.

A: There are two ways to get registered at the city hall. Either you have a rental contract on your name, it can be a house or a room rental contract. Or, the person who is renting your the accommodations authorizes you to do the empadronamiento. Empadronamiento Formhttps://w9.bcn.cat/tramits/padro/Autoritzaciodomicili_cas.pdf

A: The insurance covers all your stay in Spain, but if you travel out Spain the insurance has a special coverage up to three months when traveling, but its not possible to freeze it.

A: If you dont have a spanish bank account the way to pay is by bank transfer or by credit card.

A: If your travel insurance is covering all the requirements asked by the administration it will be ok, if not you will have to get a new health insurance that cover it. If you are nenewing your permit you will need to have a spanish health insurance.

A: Once the insurance policy is registered and payed it will take about one day to have all the necesary documents to present in the consulate.

A: The monthly option is available only if you have a spanish bank account.

A: There is no limitation at all the insurance give you full coverage.

A: You can submit a copy (color) but you are obliged to have the original one with you.

A: There is not specific validity time but it is suggested not to be older than 15 days.

A: To do the autorización de regreso you first need to submit the TIE renewal.


A: You can travel while you renew your NIE as a student, if you apply for a working permit, or any other application you won’t be allowed to travel. To do so you need to get a travel permit (autorización de regreso) once the renewal is submitted.
However, if you come from a country which does not need a tourist visa you will be allowed to travel as a tourist.

A: Once you have a searching job visa you won’t be allowed to change to a work placement process.


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