1- From when exactly my insurance is valid?
The insurance policy starts from the date that indicate the contract, it´s important to know that it is necessary an insurance since the moment you enter in Spain even it is demanded by the consulates to apply for the visa.

2- If I leave the country can I freeze the insurance?
The insurance cover all your stay in Spain, but if you travel out Spain the insurance has a special coverage when traveling, but its not possible to freeze it.

3- If I dont have a spanish bank account, how can I pay?
If you dont have a spanish bank account the way to pay is by bank transfer and the paymenta has to be full year.

4- If I have travel Insurance I Should get health insurance too?
If your travel insurance is covering all the requirements asked by the administration it will be ok, if not you will have to get a new health insurance that cover it. If you are nenewing your permit you will need to have a spanish health insurance.

5- When is expected to receive the original policy documents needed for the Visa interview?
Once the insurance policy is registered and pay will take one day to have all the necesary documents to present in the consulate.

6- Can I pay monthly?
The monthly option is available only if you have a spanish bank account.

7- Does without CO-Payments means a 100% cashless insurance claim?
There is no limitation at all the insurance give you full coverage.

8- The bank staitment to renew the NIE does it have to be the original document or can it be a copy?
You can submit a copy (color) but you are obliged to have the original one with you. Maybe you can first submit the renewal and someone can send the document to you by mail afterwards

9- How recent the bank statemetn should be?
There is not specific validity time but it is suggested not to be older than 15 days.

10- Is it possible to apply for the renovation of the TIE and the autorizacion de regresso at the same time?
To do the autorización de regreso you first need to submit the TIE renewal.