Official translation of documents

The Official translation of documents is not only a Professional translation but also a Certified one. It will be required when a document is used under Public authorities also for Private institutions. An official translation, usually named as sworn translation, will certify the content of the document is trustworthy. 

When is the Official translation of documents necessary?

Academic documents that are not issued in Spanish will always need to be translated in order to certify the content of the text. The legalization process will certify the document comes from the competent authority but not the content of the document. 

Every state will recognize as official a list of translators which usually had passed a public examination and that are publicly recognized. 

What happens when there is no official translator?

When there is no official translator of a language the Consulate of the country from where the document is being issued will certify the authenticity of the translation. After that the Ministry of Foreign affairs from the country where the document will be used will verify the Consulate translation.

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