Student residence permit

Resident permit for international students

After obtaining a student visa at the Consulate students are entitled to travel to Spain within the first 90 days of the validity of their visa. Once in the country they have 30 days to transfer their visa into a STUDENT RESIDENCE PERMIT, which is commonly known as TIE card. 

How to obtain a TIE card.

In order to obtain a TIE card students must first get registered at the city hall by showing the dorm or rental contract. 

Do not confuse NIE with TIE card. NIE will be your identification number which is stamped on the Spanish visa and TIE will be the physical card. A card that must be renewed yearly.

Student residence permit for Europeans.

Europeans go through a different process, since they do not need to apply for a visa back home they will only be request to obtain a EU Certificate once they move to Spain. If the stay is shorter than 90 days Europeans do not need to apply for a  EU Certificate. 

EU Certificate does not have an expiration date and since it does not contain a picture printed on it students will need to carry their passport to be identified.

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