Homologation of Foreign Degrees

Homologation of foreign degrees.

The homologation of foreign degrees process (credential evaluation) implies the recognition of this studies by another state. The recognition of a diploma when someone wants to travel abroad is a must since every country has its own education curriculum. It implies the full recognition of a program, either a high school graduation, a university degree or a Master’s degree.

Our team can help you with the process; since we are based in Spain we can start your homologation before the studies begin.

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Do not confuse the homologation process of foreign degrees with the convalidation process. The convalidation process means the recognition of part of the curriculum in order to continue the studies in a different country.

 Although a Spanish university might admit a student at their institution only by showing its national diploma, it is always necessary to go through the homologation process so you get an official certification of it.

How does the homologation work?

  • Students living in Catalonia can submit their application  either at the Catalonian education department or at the Ministry of education from Spain. 
  • Documents must be legalized and translated.
  • The pre-application must be submitted on-line and after getting an appointment documents will be submitted in person at each institution.
  • A fee tax will be requested to be paid, that will depend on the education level of the program.
  • The process of homologation might take around 8-10 months.

Do you need help with all this?


  1. Start your homologation process ASAP. We can do it before you arrive to Spain.
  2. Make sure your documents are fully legalized. Depending on which country you come from the legalization process will be one or another.
  3. Translation of every document will also be request. The Spanish Ministry of Foreign affairs lists yearly which are the official translators that can do this process.

Don’t waste time! Contact us as soon as possible so we can help you to get things fixed as soon as possible!

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