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Health insurance

If you are going to study abroad in Barcelona, to study in Spain and get the visa for it, its necessary to have a especial health insurance that cover all the requirements demanded by the administration. Here we inform you about the special conditions needed for the international student insurance. The insurance has to be done with a Spanish insurer and

Spanish student visa to study abroad in Spain

You need to make an appointment at the Spanish Consulate website, you will find a link on the Student Visa section of the Consulate.
At the appointment date you need to submit all the required documents. Consulate will inform you on how they will communicate the acceptance or rejection of your visa.

Tie Renewal

You can renew your TIE until 2 months prior and until 3 months after the date of expiration. The resolution to obtain the renewal might take around 2 weeks, however the administration has three months to answer to the application. Important points to be considered before starting all the procedure application.

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