How to get your Visa to study in Barcelona in the post-Brexit time

get your Visa to study in Barcelona - LiveandStudyBarcelona

Willing to study abroad in Barcelona? Are you ready for this step but not sure how?

Recently you probably have read some news regarding visa delays. Be patient, we all know big changes require time. 

As you may know this will be the first academic year that student visas are needed after Brexit. So it’s normal governments and universities need to get used to the new regulation and the necessity of applying for a visa, and they still need some adaptation time.

How to get your Visa in the post-Brexit time

Live and Study Barcelona have helped many students like you to come and study in Spain. We are an international team with more than 10 years´experience and we are recognised by several established universities in Spain.

So, if you want to get your Visa to study in Barcelona, you’re in the right place. Today we’re going to give you some instructions and tips on how to get it in the post-Brexit time.

How to get your Visa to study in Barcelona - LiveandStudyBarcelona

Enter to Spain with a Tourist Visa

To avoid the delays to obtain your Student Visa, we suggest you to come to Spain with a simple Tourist Visa.

If and when your tourist visa is valid for more than a month you can apply for a student visa directly from Spain.  The application can be submitted in three different ways: 

  • By a digital certificate
  • By ORVE system (Post Office)
  • In person at a public registry (there is one at C/ Bergara núm. 12),  which is the least advisable because you need to request an appointment to do so and foreign offices take too long to respond.

The list of documents you must submit are the following: 

  • EX-00
  • Passport
  • Enrolment letter, which states the fees have been fully paid, the length of the program and the number of credits
  • Proof of Means of support (you need to show your bank account balance is higher than 6.800€). In case your family is supporting you, they have to provide you with a legalized and translated letter that shows that.
  • Proof of Spanish health Insurance (Here in Live and Study Barcelona we can help you with that)
  • Criminal records certificate from the countries where you have lived more than three months in the past five years. 
  • Census (domicile certificate from the city hall) 
  • A certificate which shows you don’t have any infectious disease or any acute disease according to the International Health Regulation from 2005. 
  • Spanish police entry stamp or Entry declaration 

It is really important that you show the entry stamp on your passport. You must either show your entry into Spain through a Spanish Border crossing or request for a “Declaración de entrada en Territorio español” within 72 hours at the Foreign Office or at the police station of the Policia Nacional body. 

We hope we have helped you to understand how to get your Visa to come and study in Barcelona.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any other doubts or you need more information.

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