This is how we help you to live and study in Barcelona – Interview

1. Presentation of the LSB project – Who are you?  At this moment we are four women, two lawyers, an insurance agent and an administrative person. Lawyers have been dedicated to immigration for more than 10 years. The insurance agent and the administrative agent have both worked with foreign people on social issues. 2. CanContinue reading “This is how we help you to live and study in Barcelona – Interview”

Welcome to Barcelona, the Mediterranean capital

We definitely love Barcelona. Not only for the beautiful weather, for the monuments and its history and for all the other reasons we told you here.  It’s something you feel inside, that mesmerizing sensation you get the first time you walk in the Rambla, or in the Gothic Quarter… To fall in love with BarcelonaContinue reading “Welcome to Barcelona, the Mediterranean capital”

Why Barcelona is the perfect city to study and live

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations for travellers in Spain, we don’t have any doubts about it. From the beauty of Gaudi’s buildings to the beaches and the history of the city itself, it all adds up to an incredible place not just to visit, but to live and study into. Yes, theContinue reading “Why Barcelona is the perfect city to study and live”

How to get your Visa to study in Barcelona in the post-Brexit time

Willing to study abroad in Barcelona? Are you ready for this step but not sure how? Recently you probably have read some news regarding visa delays. Be patient, we all know big changes require time.  As you may know this will be the first academic year that student visas are needed after Brexit. So it’s normalContinue reading “How to get your Visa to study in Barcelona in the post-Brexit time”


Students who have done their undergraduate or master’s in Spain in English can apply for a student visa, to extend their stay and learn Spanish.   How to do so? You can choose between two options: – Extend your student visa as a regular Renewal – Get a new student visa, applying at least 30 days before yourContinue reading “LEARN SPANISH AFTER YOUR STUDIES”


On the 12th of March five ministries of the Spanish government, among them, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education signed an Agreement in which they will encourage the internationalization of universities.  Through this agreement between the different Ministries, the government promotes better cooperation between universities and institutions to enforce communication between them in orderContinue reading “AGREEMENT TO FACILITATE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ARRIVAL”

Mobility within the EU.

EU regulations have made it easy to move within the EU, especially for students coming from a non-EU country with a valid residence permit to study in Europe. Those students who are under a EU mobility program or inter university program are entitled to travel to a second EU country for a maximum of 360 days.   The requirements areContinue reading “Mobility within the EU.”


On March 29, 2019, it would be 2 years since the request to withdraw the UK from the EU. And, although the EU and UK’s joint agreement in terms of Immigration laws is still unknown, transitory measures have been regulated. UK citizens who have a certificate of registration or family card of an EU citizenContinue reading “Brexit”

University admission letter

Renewing your NIE may be a matter of days or months. To streamline the process it is essential that the documentation you submit meets the administration’s demand, and that you review each document you submit. One of the documents that can create problems is the admission letter of the university. This letter must contain theContinue reading “University admission letter”

Searching for work permit

On the 4th of September the Spanish government has passed a new law on immigration, a law which allows students to stay in the country for one more year after finishing their studies. Until that moment only students who have lived in Spain for three years could obtain a working permit. It is still possibleContinue reading “Searching for work permit”

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