University admission letter

Renewing your NIE may be a matter of days or months. To streamline the process it is essential that the documentation you submit meets the administration’s demand, and that you review each document you submit.

One of the documents that can create problems is the admission letter of the university. This letter must contain the following information: “That you have paid the total enrollment, the start and end date of the course and the number of credits that the course has.” Keep in mind that courses must have at least 60 credits, unless the program is lasting less than one year.

There is another exception: when you are in the last grade. If you are in the last year and you have only a few pending subjects to finish the degree, ask for your University to reflect this in the admission letter. Otherwise when the administration reviews your file, they will ask you to clarify the document and this will delay the resolution considerably.

Our tip is that you review the documentation very well before sending it and if necessary ask your university to clarify the admission letter.

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