On March 29, 2019, it would be 2 years since the request to withdraw the UK from the EU. And, although the EU and UK’s joint agreement in terms of Immigration laws is still unknown, transitory measures have been regulated.

UK citizens who have a certificate of registration or family card of an EU citizen can, after leaving from the UK, apply for a residence card in Spain (TIE). For this they will have a period of 21 months, starting from the date of departure.

Unfortunately, instructions on how to apply for it have not yet been published.

The transition policy also includes that those UK citizens whose residence has been more than five years, will be eligible for a long-term permit (long-term TIE).

UK citizens who have been residing in Spain until March 29 but do not have a certificate of registration may also opt for a residence card (TIE), if they have evidence to prove it.
There is no list of what tests will be admitted, to simplify the process, it is advisable to obtain a registration certificate before May 29, 2019.

Follow the link to the norms and criteria that have been published to regulate the transitory situation.
“Real Decreto -ley 5/2019, de 1 de marzo, por el que se adopgan medidas de continegncia ante la retirada del Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte de la Unión Europea sin que se haya alcanzado acuerdo previsto en el art.
50 del Tratado de la Unión Europea”.

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