The application form must be duly completed and signed. You can download the form at the Consulate website.
Note that incomplete or incorrect applications will be rejected, requiring the applicant to make a new appointment at a later date.


Fees won’t be refund in case of rejection or incomplete applications.
Some Consulates admit Money orders and other consulates will only admit cash payment at the seat.

ID card

The Consulate will accept your application if your domicile is within its jurisdiction.
If you are not national of the application country you need to show through the ID card you have a valid resident permit.


Original and copy of passport picture page. Passport shall be valid for the visa length, and shall be no older than 10 years.


The picture has to be under a white background, passport size and showing hair color.


You will be asked to provide a domicile in Spain.
You can find information on accommodations in Barcelona on Barcelona Centre University point.
If you don’t want to book a residence hall you shall book a hotel for your first nights while you look for accommodation.
In case you are staying with relatives you need to provide their “registry certificate from the city hall”.


Once you fulfill the admission process and pay the registration fees Admissions department will send you an Admission letter. You will receive a hard copy at your domicile and a scanned one by email.
The letter will include your name, address and registration at University with the duration of the program and the degree’s curriculum.


You need to prove the absence of criminal records from the countries you lived the last five years. The document is valid for 3 months since it is expired.
Criminal records are not a requirement when you are under 18.

MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OF GOOD HEALTH ((Linked con la nueva entrada)

The certificate has to be issued within the last 3 months, handwritten signed by a doctor.


You can either apply for a travel insurance or a Spanish insurance policy.

Whatever option you take it has to be an authorized to operate in Spain and it should clearly show that it is valid for the duration of your period of residence in Spain covering at least:

    • Full medical coverage
    • Hospitalization included
    • No deductible and no co-payment
    • Repatriation in the event of accident or sudden illness
    • Valid in all the Schengen States

If you need information on health insurance you can contact us.

We recommend you to contract SANITAS insurance policy because it fulfills all the insurance requirements demanded by the Consulate, with competitive premiums and many hospital centers around the country.


It is necessary to prove that you have sufficient economic funds for the duration of your period of residence in Spain, to pay the enrollment fees and the travel tickets (go and return).

Regarding finances, according to Spanish law you must have a minimum of 537€ per month at your disposition, though some Consulates increase that amount to 1.000€/month.

There are different ways to proof you have sufficient means of living:

  • By cash, convertible monies, certified checks, travelers checks and bank statement . It is recommendable to show the last three months bank statements.
  • Grant accreditation, showing the amount of money  and its length. In case it is an international Grant the documents has to be legalized and translated.
  • An official declaration of financial support from parents/guardian:

For this statement to be valid, it must be issued and signed by a notary public or made at a Spanish consulate in the parents’ country of residence . The document has to be translated into Spanish.

The document has to show the amount in Euros you will receive in Spain and how will you get that amount. A credit card won’t be accepted.

  • Help from a relative living in Spain

A notary act showing a close relative will support you economically. The person who helps you needs to show his economic means.

  • Applying for a Student visa and a family of student visa

If you plan on entering and living in Spain with another member of your family, the minimum required amount will be: €537.84 x (12 x (1+0.75) = 11.294,64€ (0.75 represents your family member).

In the case of coming with a second or more family members, this coefficient is 0.50.

Please be aware that if you are planning to enter Spain with your family members, you will also need to present documents which prove your relationship, such as marriage certificate, birth certificate (for children), etc.


Parents or guardians have to provide a notarized letter where they authorize the student to live in Spain. The letter has to include the names, addresses and photocopies of the host family identity cards.

Host family in Spain have to provide a sworn declaration where they state they will host you, and the stay of the minor is not for means of adoption, and the promise to return the minor to his/her home.

Please, note that you need to bring with you a birth certificate when you travel to Spain.


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