Economic resources to live in Spain while studying

It is necessary to prove that you have sufficient economic resources for the duration of your period of residence in Spain. Please note that pay sleeps from your own work won’t be accepted to show you have economic means since student resident permit only allows students to work as part of their study program. 

1 A Spanish bank account with a balance of at least 537€ x number of months of your stay, at the time of application. 

It will also be accepted a balance of (537€ x number of months of your stay) x 50%, when you can show the last six months moments of your account, and the monthly income from that period is higher than 537€.

2 Grant accreditation, showing the amount of money  and its length. In case it is an international Grant the documents has to be legalized and translated.

If it states the total amount, it must be at least €5,916.24 for 11 months.

If it states a monthly amount, it must be at least €537.84 per month.

3 An official declaration of financial support from parents/guardian: 

For this statement to be valid, it must be issued and signed by a notary public or made at a Spanish consulate in the parents’ country of residence . The document has to be translated into Spanish.

The document has to show the amount in Euros you will receive in Spain and how will you get that amount. A credit card won’t be accepted. 

4 Help from a relative living in Spain

A notary act showing a close relative will support you economically. The person who helps you needs to show his economic means. 

NOTA: If you plan on entering and residing in Spain with another member of your family, the minimum required amount will be: €537.84 x (11 x (1+0.75) = €10,353.42 (0.75 represents your family member). 

In the case of coming with a second or more family members, this coefficient is 0.50.

Please be aware that if you are planning to enter Spain with your family members, you will also need to present documents which prove your relationship, such as marriage certificate, birth certificate (for children), etc.

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