Submission of applications

In general, the authorizations can be presented through the following channels:
1. online using the digital certificate.
2. through the post office.
3. through the ORVE system.
4. in person
We suggest to use the first and second option, and not to present the applications in person because the offices of are mere submission centers, they do not analyze the presented documentation and at present they are saturated so it takes them more than three months to solve the requests. However, presenting online or via ORVE system the file usually gets resolved in less than a month.
Whether it is presented via ORVE or face-to-face it is important not to check the box on the form indicating ‘autorización para comunicar vía telemática.’ (authorization to communicate via email.)
Here are the three ways of submission:
1. submitting online – using the personal digital certificate, or through an authorized person (lawyer) the documentation is presented on MERCURIO and / or REDSARA platforms, (preferably MERCURIO). The documentation should be sent to the ‘Oficina de extranjeros  de Barcelona.’ (Foreign affairs Office of Barcelona.)
2.   Correos – Post offices are authorized to send residence permits electronically via the ORVE system. The cost of the service ranges between €5 and €10. The post office will scan a copy of all the required documentation.
3.   In person – there are several public records in the city of Barcelona, such as those located at C / Bergara núm. 10 and C / Mallorca 278.
The work permit (for the highly qualified) (2.4.1) is presented electronically by the contracting company to the ‘Unidad de Grandes Empresas’, whose link is the following:

The authorizations for modification of student card to residency card through the work permit (4.3.2) or to own account (4.3.3) are presented in person to the ‘la oficina de Treball de la Generalitat’ (The Employment Office). You have to request an appointment at the following link:

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