Barcelona Foreign office has introduced a new system to apply for a student visa online. The process has been simplified and now contact with the foreign office is faster and smoother. Documents will be uploaded online and communications will be done by email. 

The new student, once she/he is in Spain will be able to submit the documents on-line, avoiding queues and bureaucratic obstacles. The process starts by submitting the documents through a recognized digital certificate at this link:

Follow the option: 

These are the steps to follow:

1.- Apply for a certified digital certificate at the Social security office or at the Tax office. There are some city hall offices that also provide this certificate.

2.- Get the documents required for the application and fill the technical requirements for MERCURIO digital platform. 

3.- Upload the documents through the platform. 

4.- Once the application is complete you will get an email stating that the visa is being processed. If there is a missing document or the application is incomplete, you will receive an email showing that you have a document pending on your on-line application. 

5.- Once the application is granted you will be informed by an acceptance letter. And the final step will be applying for the TIE card at the police station.

If you need further information on the application process or need information on how to obtain a digital certificate contact us.

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