2019 instructions for Travel Permit “Autorización de Regreso”

If you are a non european citizen planning to travel in Xmas outside the EU zone, and you haven’t received your TIE card yet, or you are still awaiting for your renewal to be accepted, you should not leave the country without a travel permit called “autorización de regreso”. In order to get it, you need to ask for an appointment to the police office.

Note that this year, police has exceptionally accepted that people in any of the following three situations whom are travelling by sea or by inland modes from the 11/11/19 until the 12/01/2019, won’t be request to hold a travel permit.

  • If your student TIE card is being renewed because it has expired or is about to expire.
  • If your renewal application has been accepted but your TIE has not yet been issued yet.
  • If have your favorable resolution from the renewal, you have done your fingerprints appointment, but you won’t be receiving your physical TIE card until you return from your trip.

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